Victoria Falls Backpackers Zambia


Livingstone offers great activities that will get your adrenaline pumping. Add any of these to your enquiry form to us and we will get in touch.


Experience the best White Water Rafting the planet has to offer. For serious adrenaline seekers choose a full day on the mighty Zambezi covering rapids 1 to 25. If you're a first timer or looking for something slightly calmer choose the half day, rapids 10 to 25.


Located in 'no man's land' between Zambia and Zimbabwe, take the 111 metre high plunge of a lifetime off the infamous Victoria Falls Bungee Bridge. Step onto the platform, spread out your arms, and wait for the heart-pounding "5-4-3-2-1 BUNGEE!!" before plummeting towards the raging Zambezi River below. The monthly full moon bungee is also well-worth considering for those wanting to jump in the dark!


Located at the same site as the bungee, the bridge swing is arguably the most stomach-wrenching activity at the falls. Take a leap of faith with a huge 70m freefall followed by a flying arc over the rumbling Zambezi below. Choose to jump forwards or backwards and even a tandem with a friend.


For those not daring enough to bungee. Why not try the slide, zipwire across the gorge. This can be done alone or tandem with a friend. Slide across the batoka gorge from Zambia landing on the Victoria Falls Bridge. Age six up to granny!